Ambition Gaming, LLC, is proud to announce to the addition of our new PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds team to our organization.

Ambition eSports signs PUBG team known as MARS PUBG, an established top 10 North American team in the rising PUBG competitive scene. 2 members of the team hold spots within the top 200 of the PUBG Leader boards.

Ambition is excited to have the roster consisting of Taco- Captain , Kiro- IGL , Scurry9- Sniper , and Jehee-Fragger onboard on our organization, They took 3rd place in both NA and EU for the first season of PUBG Online Showdown, as well currently being ranked 8th on PUBG Online leaderboards.

When PlayerUnknown BattleGrounds first came out, here at Ambition we all had the same thought that this game going to blow past H1Z1 and will be a highly sought after game for eSports. Here we are only 3 and half months later and the game has skyrocketed to one of the most popular shooter games available, so we knew as soon as the competitive scene got big enough that we would be looking to pick up a team start competing in this game. We can’t wait to see what this roster can do in online matches as well as LAN tournaments once they start happening on a regular basis.

Below are some quotes from the players upon joining Ambition eSports and helping take the PUBG eSports scene to the next level.

“I come from a competitive gaming background, starting on COD in Advanced Warfare, and transferring into the PC world with H1Z1. I played in the scrims in H1 before it had a “Pro” scene but since left it for PUBG. PUBG is a great game that takes the battle royale game type to a whole new level. With it’s advanced strategic/combat elements, this game will absolutely explode when it gets an official Esports scene. Ambition has given myself, and my team the greatest opportunity that we’ve had, and are giving us the chance to make a name for ourselves . We plan on improving our gameplay each and every game, and hope to duke it out with the best of the best when LANs come around. Oh, and one more thing, be sure to use code Taco 😉 ”
“Looking forward to seeing how the evolution of professional PUBG plays out, I couldn’t ask for a better team to be doing that with.”
“Growing up in a family of gamers I’ve always strived to be the best at every game I’ve played and PUBG is a game where i can finally do that”

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