As you know we are doing monthly tournaments – from next month on there will be a total of the points earned over 3 Nights over 3 Months

The dates are;
Round 1 – 24th Sept
Round 2 – 29th Oct (provisional)
Round 3 – 26th Nov (provisional)

Each Round Consists of;
3 Games in 1 Night: 1 Custom x 2 Solo Official FP & TP (Official only capture points)

Points will be totalled over the 6 official solo games and top 2 points winners will receive the EXCLUSIVE MPG PUBG TROPHY!!

Point system is as follows;
1 Point for every person you out survive,
1 Point per Kill
20 Point Win Bonus*

*the point system has been comprised of player opinions, access of data post game and is definitely a work in progress. We cannot change the point system mid season so suggestions are welcome in the #pubg-tournament channel on our discord!

Due to our last tournament and the high demand, we have to open the registration on the same day – we encourage anyone interested to be ready to register at the opening time – we cannot guarantee slots for everyone so this is a first come, first serve basis. Slots will be opened at 60 and increased gradually over 1 hour.
Registration in first round does not guarantee registration in 2nd/3rd round.

For more all the sign up/registration and check-in info please go here – https://xpulz.com
Games will be streamed and casted with mid-game analysis at each game interval on https://www.twitch.tv/xpulz_gaming! With playback and chat about players and kills.
Thank you to the MPG production crew for putting this together!
MPG is proud to be able to sponsor this tournament and the trophies are ****ing awesome and you know you want one! Winners each game night will receive MPG stickers!