To manage, maintain and expand a league of this format cannot be done without the support of partners and members of the community. Who are all volunteering their free time and resources to make this epic. 

In our universe there are four types of partners
1. Tournament Organizers   2. eSport’s Orgs & Clans   3. Media & Promotional   4. Streamers


If you are a tournament organizer and meet the following conditions AND are interested in running a national league in your region than please contact us via email under business inquiries!

To be eligible you must have the following: 

– Experience in organizing tournaments. 
– Sufficient staff available. 
– Official Website
– Official Discord
– Access to PUBG custom servers under the eSports program


If you are an esport’s organization with your own PUBG team or a gaming clan with an active member base than we need you!

Your support in promoting to your members and fans is a huge plus for our growth and ofcourse just having your own team in the tournament helps significantly too. 

If you are interested in participating or providing additional support, please do not hesitate to contact us via our partners email below. 


There are some fantastic communities out there on facebook, discord, reddit and many more. If you run one of these communities than know this, we salute you! We understand the effort it takes to manage these communities and to keep them filled with rich content! 

At XPUBG we would love to work with you to promote the leagues in your communities, to your members. If this sounds interesting to you than please reach out to us via our partners email below. 


The young men and women who spend countless hours producing content, entertaining hundreds of viewers all striving to live their dream and pursue streaming full time! 

We would love to work with you specially if you have casting abilities, we’re constantly looking for casters in English and other languages specially as we expand the league. We’re also interested in promoting your special moments to the rest of the XPUBG community.

Talk to us, tell us how you feel you would fit in, email us today on our partners email address. 

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Esport orgs and clans
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